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Pennsylvania Ambush Bug     Phymata pennsylvanica    Pair on Eastern Purple Coneflower, Door Co., Wisconsin

White-faced Meadowhawk,   Sympetrum obtrusum,    Marquette Co., Michigan

Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle     Cicindela tranquebarica    Marquette Co., Michigan August

Canadian Tiger Swallowtail   Papilio canadensis,    Marquette Co., Michigan, June

Chinese Mantis    Tenodera sinensis    Illinois

Polyphemus Moth   Antheraea polyphemus,    Marquette Co., Michigan, July

Bronzed Tiger Beetle    Cicindela repanda    Michigan

One-eyed Sphinx Moth   Smerinthus cerisyi,    Marquette Co., Michigan, July

Florida Bark Mantis    Gonatista grisea    Loxahatchee National Wildlifew Refuge, Florida

Frosted Whiteface    Leucorrhinia frigida,    Wing Detail, Marquette Co., Michigan, June

Water Strider    Aquarius remigis    Ontario

Eastern Band-winged HoverFly - Sphaerophoria indiana Marquette Co., Michigan

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail    Papilio glaucus,   White Admirals    Limenitis arthemis arthemis    and Northern Pearl Crescent    Phyciodes cocyta,    Puddling, Marquette Co., MI

Cuckoo Wasp III    Augochlorapsis metalica    Will Co., Illinois

Large Maple Spanworm Moth, Will Co., Illinois

Monarch    Danaus plexippus    Pupa, Michigan

Boreal Bluets    Enallagma boreale    Pair, Marquette Co., Michigan July

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