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Common Loon

Chestnut-sided Warbler

Red-spotted Purple

Indigo Bunting

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Double-crested Cormorant

Eastern Meadowlark

Pine Warbler

Bronzed Tiger Beetle

Common Yellowthroat

Eastern Bluebirds

Red-spotted Newt

Cedar Waxwing

Bald Eagles

Common Loon

Gem-studded Puffballs

Pine Grosbeak Male

Common Goldeneye Male Displaying

Cold American Robin

Pine Grosbeak Female

Hairy Woodpecker

American Crow Divebombing a Snowy Owl


Snowy Owl in Grass

Pine Grosbeak Male in Crab apples

Grand Rapids, Michigan Downtown

Lapland Longspur

Lesser Scaup

Snowy Owl Offshore

Northern Shoveler

Marbled Godwit

Pine Grosbeak Male Feeding

Jellyfish, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Great Blue Heron with Brown Bullhead

Lesser Scaup Stretching

Blue-winged Teal Stretching

Ice Window in Grand Rapids

Longsnout Seahorse, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Peregrine Falcon Young in Nest

Surgeonfish?, Shedd Aquarium, Chicago

Long-eared Owl

Pine Grosbeak

Blue-winged Teal Male

Lesser Scaup Pair Resting

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