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Young Gray Tree Frog

Passing Sunset Storm

Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle

Monarchs at Peninsula Point

Black Witch Moth

Malachite, Cyanotrichite, Brochantite and Azurite

American Avocets at the AuTrain River

Canadian Swallowtail

Eastern Schreech Owl

Young Gray Tree Frog

Branch Full of Monarchs at Peninsula Point

Northern Hawk Owl

Wing Detail Canadian Swallowtail

Meadow Jumping Mouse

Mottramite on Quartz

Eastern Cottontail Tracks in the Shadows

Eastern Screech Owl, Seriously

Pileated Woodpecker with Young

Canada Geese

Belted Meadowhawk Wing Detail

Bohemian Waxwing

Boreal Damselflies

Cedar WAxwing Swallong a Crab Apple

Chicken in the Woods

Nymph Dragonfly Exoskeleton

Cedar Waxwings after an Ice Storm

Red Maple Leaf Detain with Some Pink

Pine Grosbeak Pair after Storm

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

Keweenaw Yellow Datolite

One-eyed Sphinx

Sun Pillar

Sandhill Skein

Milky Way over Teddy Roosevelt National Park

Ice Storm Sparkle

Polyphemus Moth on Fern

Herkimer Diamond - Quartz

AuTrain Bay Dawn

Great Egret

Autumn Meadowhawk


Cudweed Grasshopper

One-eyed Sphinx on Stump

Quartz Crystals

Common Goldeneye

Lesser Yellowlegs

Killdeer Turning Eggs

Killdeer with Young


Bison Pair at Rut

Owl Eyes of Polyhpemus

Nine-lined June Bug

Concretions at Teddy Roosevelt

Bison Herd

Light in the Clouds

Hudsonian Godwit under Clouds

Hudsonian Godwit in the Sun

Prairie Dog Tussels

Creek at Craig Lake

Ambush Bugs on Coneflower

Raindrop Magnification

Dark Fishing Spider Guarding Her Nest

Keweenaw Slate and Pebbles

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