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Red-breasted Merganser and Young

Unknown Fungus

Trumpeter Swans

Nordmann's Orbweaver

Eyelash Cup Fungi and Wasp's Nest Slime Mold

Bohemian Waxwing

American Elms at Dawn

Caspian Tern

Edward's Hairstreak

Red-breasted Merganser with Young

Marsh Mallow and Bee

Spotted Sandpiper

Sphalerite and Willemite under Shortwave UV Light

Showy Ladyslippers

Northern Hawk Owl

Quartz Crystals

Orange Jewelweed with Bee

Long-tailed Duck

Harvey Rainbow

Splitgill Mushroom

American Pipit

Lentaria Fungus

Trumpeter Swan

Autumn Meadowhawk

Red-eyed Vireo

Ice and Lichens on Basalt

Wetmore Pond and Clouds

Raindrops on Herring Gull Feather

Lake Superior Spring Ice

Scarlet Tanager in Mountain Ash Tree

Red Pine Bark

Blue Dasher

Skunk Cabbage in Melting Snow

Pileated Woodpecker in Nest

Wetmore Bog Lilies

Melting Ice

Comet Neowise


Running Crab Spider on Red Pine Bark

Calico Pennant

Snowed In Skunk Cabbage

Moon in the Clouds

Fluorapatite with Clevelandite and Quartz under Short Wave UV Light

Smooth Sumac Autumn Leaf Pattern

Park Pond Reflections

Raindrops on Fallen Maple Leaf

Albino White-tail Doe

Wolf's Milk Slime Mold

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