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Red-bellied Woodpecker

Lake Superior Ice Cracks and Bubbles

Lichen on Ore Dock

Albino Doe with Friend

American Wigeon

American Mink

Fossilized Ammonite Shell

Window Frost


Snow Flea

Orange-crowned Warbler

Hot Coffee on a Cold Morning

American Wigeon

Pond Ice

Willemite and Calcite under Shortwave Ultraviolet Light

Lichen Bullseye

Lake Superior Ice Cracks

Black-capped Chickadee

Pond Ice

Sunburst Lichen

Presque Isle Icicles

Window Frost

Feet on the Ice

Northern Pintail

Blue Ice with Cracks

Pyrite replacing Ammonite Fossil

More Snow Fleas

Bubbles trapped in Ice

Sunlight Fractals over Sand

Wood Duck

Lesser Scaup

Quartz, Arkansas

Zebra Jumper

Wood Frog

Balsam Poplar Bark with Lichens

Lesser Scaup

Red Fox with Pup

American Tree Sparrow

Red Fox nursing Seven Pups

Red Fox Pups at Den

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