Lake Superior - Marathon to Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Spruce Topped Island, Neys Provinvial Park

Neys Provincial Park with Cirrus Clouds

Sunrise on the Slate Islands

Pic Island

Rainbow over Mud Lake, Patterson Is., Slates

Sphagnum and Black Spruce, Patterson Is., Slate Islands

Lichens on Ancient Rocks, Slate Islands

Islets on the Slate Islands

Mountain Avens on the Slate Islands

Sleeping Giant in the Fog

Jack's Bay, Patterson Island, Slate Islands

Ice at Silver Islet I

Ice at Silver Islet II

Silver Islet

Sea Lion I

Sea Lion II

Sea Lion III

Black Bay Peninsula

Rainbow Falls

Sleeping Giant

Sea Lion in Winter Close-up

Sleeping Giant Hillside in Fog

Sea Lion in Winter

Thompson Island

Sunrise between Patterson and Mortimer Islands, on the Slate Islands

Mud Lake on Patterson Island, on the Slate Islands

Jack's Bay at Patterson Islands, on the Slate Islands