Lake Superior - Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario

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Mouth of the Pukaskwa River at Sunset

West End of the Pukaskwa

Aurora Borealis over Wigeon Lake

Mouth of the White River

Hattie Cove

Looking across Hattie Cove at Sunset

Hattie Cove Rock Detail at Sunset

Hattie Cove Rocks and Pools at Sunset I

Hattie Cove Rocks and Pools at Sunset II

Hattie Cove

Hattie Cove Granite Triangles

Hattie Cove from a Rocky Cove

Hattie Cove View to Pic Island

Sphagnum Forest Floor

Hattie Cove with Driftwood

Hattie Cove Rock Pools at Midday

Hattie Cove

Aerial View of Pukaskwa Coast

Granite Detail near White River

High Boulder Beach

High Boulder Beach Midview

High Boulder Beach Detail

Pukaskwa Pit

Old English Harbor

Island View

Morrison Harbor

High Peninsula

Islands in Fog

Great Blue Heron Rookery

Near Willow River Mouth

Lichen Detail, Willow River

Black Bear and Woodland Caribou Tracks in beach sand

Island in Fog

Near the Mouth of the Willow River

Rocks in the Fog

Near Morrison Harbour

Near the Mouth of the White River

Shoreline Beach in the Fog

Shoreline in the Fog

Bony Shore in the Fog

Blueberries in Oiseaux Bay

Cascade Falls

Swallow River Mouth

Quartz Veins in Gneiss