Nature Photography by Scot Stewart

Thank you for visiting my website! My photographs are a reflection of my wide-ranging interests and travels. I continue to explore new areas of the natural world and add past film photographs to digital. My photos are available for one time use for publications and other media. This includes digital images and images still in 35mm format. I am also a freelance writer so the photographs are available as stand-alones or with accompanying text. This would include short descriptions or entire stories. I have written for Lake Superior Magazine, Great Lakes Life and Times, Marquette Monthly and in a weekly column for the Marquette Mining Journal on a weekly basis since 2000. I look upon my photography and writing as a part of the way I make my living and support my family. As a result I do expect compensation for my work but am willing to listen to requests for donations under certain circumstances. My photography is time consuming and very expensive. I enjoy it immensely but need to continue to cover its costs Thank you for your understanding.

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Scot Stewart
Marquette, MI