Nature Photography by Scot Stewart

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Insect & Spider Favorites
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Bees, Wasps and Ants - Order Hymenoptera
Alaska Yellowjacket American Pelucid Wasp Bald-faced Hornet Blue Mud Dauber Bracken Feeding Sawfly Common Thread-waisted Wasp Cuckoo Wasp - A. metalica Digger Bee Digger Bee - Anthophora European Honey Bee European Paper Wasp Mexican Leafcutter Ant Orange-belted Bumblebee Pigeon Tremex Red-faced Pine Sawfly Red Wasp Square-headed Wasp Two-spotted Bumblebee Velvet Ant Hymenopteran Fossils

Beetles - Order Coleoptera
Asian Lady Beetle Banded Longhorn Beetle Bee-mimic Beetle Big Sand Tiger Beetle Black & White Ash Borer Black & Yellow Longhorn Beetle Blister Beetle Bronzed Tiger Beetle Dogbane Beetle Eyed Click Beetle Hairy-necked Tiger Beetle Horned Fungus Beetle Japanese Beetle LeConte's Festive Tiger Beetle LeConte's Seedcorn Beetle Locust Borer May Beetle Milkweed Beetle Milkweed Stem Weevil Ninebark Calligraphy Beetle Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle Predaceous Diving Beetles Rain-Beetle Red Milkweed Beetle Rose Chafer Rove Beetle Scarlet Malachite Beetle Seven-spotted Ladybird Six-spotted Tiger Beetle Southern Sculpted Pine Borer Beetle Stag Beetle Ten-lined June Beetle White-spotted Sawyer Beetle Yellow Velvet Beetle Unidentified Beetles

Butterflies & Moths Order - Lepidoptera
American Painted Lady Appalachian Brown Athena Fritillary Baltimore Checkerspot Black Swallowtail Bog Copper Cabbage White Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Checkered White Clouded Sulfur Common Buckeye Common Wood-nymph Coral Hairstreak Dun Skipper Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Eastern Tailed-Blue Edwards' Hairstreak Essex Skipper Giant Swallowtail Great Spangled Fritillary Green Comma Long Dash Melissa Blue Monarch Butterfly Mourning Cloak Northern Pearl Crescent Northern Pearly-eye Painted Lady Parnassius Butterfly Red Admiral Red-spotted Purple Silver-spotted Skipper Spring Azure Tawny Crescent Variegated Fritillary Viceroy White Admiral Zebra Longwing Butterfly Ailanthus Webworm Moth American Dagger Moth American Lappet Moth Aspen Twoleaf Tier Moth Bethrothed Underwing Briseis Underwing Black-rimmed Prominent Black Witch Moth Carolina Sphinx Columbine Borer Dart Moth Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth European Gypsy Moth Fall Webworm Forest Tent Caterpiller Moth Hummingbird Clearwing Imperial Moth Large Maple Spanworm Moth Large Tolype Locust Underwing Luna Moth Morning Glory Plume Moth Once-married Underwing One-eyed Sphinx Moth Pale Beauty Pink-legged Tiger Moth Pink Underwing Moth Polyphemus Moth Poplar Hawk Moth Reversed Haploa Moth Reticulated Fruitworm Moth Scarlet-winged Lichen Moth Semirelict Underwing Small Magpie Moth Snowberry Clearwing Titan Sphinx Virginia Tiger Moth White-lined Sphinx White Underwing White-spotted Tussock Moth Yucca Moth

Caddisflies - Order Trichoptera
Brown Caddisfly

Cicadas & Leafhoppers - Order Homoptera
17 Year Periodical Cicada Northern Dog-day Cicada Prairie Cicada Locust Treehopper Rhododendron Leafhopper Sharpshooter Leafhopper Two-marked Treehopper Oleander Aphid Red Goldenrod Aphid Woolly Alder Aphid

Crickets, Grasshoppers & Katydids - Order Orthoptera
Broad-winged Bush Katydid Carolina Grasshopper Cave Cricket Common True Katydid Conehead Grasshopper Crackling Forest Grasshopper Cudweed Grasshopper Eastern Shieldback Katydid Fall Field Cricket Red-legged Grasshopper Scudder's Bush Katydid Toothed Dune Grasshopper Two-striped Grasshopper

Dragonflies & Damselflies - Order Odonata
Ashy Clubtail Autumn Meadowhawk Belted Whiteface Blue Dasher Black-shouldered Spinyleg Calico Pennant Canada Darner Chalk-fronted Corporal Common Green Darner Common Whitetail Crimson-ringed Whiteface Dot-tailed Whiteface Dragonhunter Dusky Clubtail Eastern Pondhawk Frosted Whiteface Four-spotted Skimmer Halloween Pennant Hudsonian Whiteface Lake Darner Midland Clubtail Mottled Darner Ruby Meadowhawk Saffron-winged Meadowhawk Shadow Darner Twelve-spotted Skimmer White-faced Meadowhawk Widow Skimmer Aurora Damselfly Boreal Bluet Eastern Forktail Ebony Jewelwing Elegant-winged Spreadwing Familiar Bluet Hagen's Bluet Marsh Bluet

Flies - Order Diptera
Bee Fly Blue Bottle Fly Bronze Soldier Fly Bumble Bee Mimic Fly Bumble Bee Mimic Robber Fly Common Drone Fly Common Hover Fly Eastern Phantom Crane Fly Eastern Band-winged Hover Fly Flower Fly Green Bottle Fly Green-striped Soldier Fly Giant Crane Fly Giant Eastern Crane Fly House Fly Hoverfly - Merodon equestris Hoverfly - Simosyrphus grandicornis Hoverfly - Sphaerophoria contigua Hoverfly - Sphaerophoria sulphuripes Long-legged Fly Military Hover Fly Muscid Fly Robber Fly - Laphria janus Robber Fly - Proctacanthus milbertii Scaly Bee Fly Small Hover Fly Stable Fly Tachinid Fly Thick-headed Fly Transverse-banded Flower Fly Winter Crane Fly

Large-winged Insects - Order Megaloptera
Eastern Dobsonfly Spring Fishfly Summer Fishfly

Mayflies - Order Ephemeroptera
Giant Mayfly Mayfly - Stenacron?

Mantids - Order Mantidae
Chinese Mantis Florida Bark Mantis

Nerve-winged Insects - Order Neuroptera
Antlion Green Lacewings

Springtails - Order Collembola

Springtails - Order Symphypleona
Globular Springtail

Stoneflies - Order Plecoptera
Winter Stonefly - Taeniopterygidae?

Termites - Order Isoptera
Eastern Subterrean Termite

Thrips - Order Thrysanoptera
Clover Thrip

True Bugs - Order Hemiptera
Broad-headed Bug Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Green Shield Bug Green Stink Bug Large Milkweed Bug Leaf-footed Squash Bug Pale Green Assassin Bug Pennsylvania Ambush Bug Protenor Plant Bug Red-cross Shield Bug Say's Stink Bug Water Scorpion Water Strider Hemipteran Fossils

Walkingsticks - Order Plasmida
Northern Walkingstick

Spiders - Order Araneae
Arabesque Orbweaver Banded Argiope Beach Wolf Spider Bold Jumper Common Candy-striped Spider Cross Spider Dark Fishing Spider European Harvestman Goldenrod Crab Spider Grass Spider - Agelenopsis katoni Grass Spider - Agelenopsis utahana Large Jumping Spider Marbled Orbweaver Nordmann's Orbweaver Northern Wolf Spider Pirate Otter Spider Running Crab Spider - P. cespitum Running Crab Spider - P. exilis Running Crab Spider - P. rufus Six-spotted Fishing Spider White-banded Crab Spider "Whitman's" Jumper Yellow Garden Argiope Yellow Sac Spider Zebra Jumper Spider Webs

Leeches - Class Hirudinea (Not Arthropods)
American Medicinal Leech